LabelsWin Lite

LabelsWin (tm) is a unique add-on for Windows Explorer that allows assigning colour labels to folder icons. This feature appeared in Mac OS first, and remained unavailable in Windows until now.

LabelsWin Lite is a free version of LabelsWin and supports folder labels only. Should you like to use labels for file icons as well, consider trying the full version (in only costs US$ 9.95 and there is a free 30 day trial period; folder labels created with the full version are compatible with the Lite version of the software).


There are other similar programs available, but all of them use existing folder icons, while LabelsWin Lite generates them on the fly, thus providing the best quality and user interface consistency for all supported versions of Windows.

The label setting interface is similar to the one in Mac OS, which aids users familiar with Macintosh.


Below is a screenshot of LabelsWin Lite in action: coloured file and folder icons as displayed in an Explorer window, and the label context menu, running under Windows XP.



LabelsWin Lite uses advanced system facilities that depend on Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or newer, therefore the system requirements for it are as follows:


Download LabelsWin Lite 1.0 installer (1.2 MB)


LabelsWin is freeware. There are no limits whatsoever. You are free to use it at home, as well as in a corporate environment. This software is provided "AS IS", and there are no warranties whatsoever. In no event shall Proggle be liable for any damage caused by using, or inability to use this software.


If you use this software and want to contribute to its further development, consider donating a small amount of money. You can use the buttons below to donate via PayPal. This is voluntary and is not required in order to use LabelsWin Lite.

Thank you.

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