A unique Windows Explorer add-on that simulates Mac OS-like colour file and folder labels. See how easy it is to organise your files and folders using color. Download and try LabelsWin today.

A free version of LabelsWin that supports folder labelling only. No restrictions, no timeouts, just use it on as many computers as you like.

A smart headline grabber and news ticker that displays headlines from hundreds of major news sites, gathering all news in one place, and saving your precious online time. The Web is news with Novobot. Try it for free now!

Blue screens, myriads of options, progress indicators that keep going back and forth, silly billboards... Windows software installations don't have to be complicated. Break from the routine, and bring power, simplicity, and elegance to your Windows setups. Try Installer/GD: a better installation and maintenance solution for your Windows applications - simple to use, fast, and visually appealing.

High-quality free MacOS®-like bitmapped screen fonts for Windows. Perfect for programmers and Web designers who code in HTML.

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