A better way to organise your files

LabelsWin System Requirements


  • A PC running Windows NT SP6, 2000 or XP (no support for Windows 95, 98, 98SE or ME)
  • An NTFS-formatted drive (file labels are supported on NTFS partitions only)
  • A display set to high colour (256-colour and lower modes will not work)
  • 3 MB of free disk space

LabelsWin Lite

  • A PC running Windows 98, 98SE, ME, NT4 SP6, 2000 or XP
  • A display set to high colour (256-colour and lower modes will not work)
  • 2 MB of free disk space

LabelsWin Technical Specifications

Explorer UI extensions

  • Icon handler extension to generate colour icon overlays ("labels")
  • Column handler extension to display colour label name in a separate column of the Explorer Details view
  • Context menu handler extension to display the Label context menu for files and folders
  • Setting labels for multiple files and folders is supported
  • Icons are generated on-the-fly using sophisticated icon colour blending algorithm to ensure the highest possible quality (in contrast with similar utilities using pre-rendered colour folder icons)
  • Labels are enabled/disabled on a per-file-type basis
  • Colours and label names are the same as the default colours and names on Mac OS


  • Automatic installer and uninstaller is provided, powered by Installer/GD technology
  • A separate utility is provided to clean file labels from your disks in case of an uninstallation (LabelsWin only)

File icon labels

  • Label data is stored in a separate NTFS file stream and is copied/moved along with the file itself
  • NTFS is required for file icon labelling

Folder icon labels

  • Label data is stored in hidden files as per Microsoft folder customisation interface
  • Folder labels are displayed using Windows Explorer only and do not require any extensions to be loaded
  • When moving/copying labelled folders, the label information is moved/copied along with the folder
  • Folder labels are independent of the file system — both FAT and NTFS file systems are supported
  • Folder labels remain visible even if you uninstall the application