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Welcome to the MacFonts Home Page!

Being tired of ugly Windows fonts, I've created these fonts from scratch by hand, using a bitmap image of the basic MacOS® system fonts, which was produced on a Macintosh® computer. In my opinion, these fonts are the most readable and pretty of all screen fonts among all current operating systems.

The fonts are in Windows bitmapped font format, one font in a .FON file. Since MacOS computes font point sizes differently than Windows, it was impossible to combine several point sizes in one font library.

The fonts are available in Windows Latin CP-1252, Cyrillic CP-1251, and Baltic CP-1257 encodings.

If you are a Windows developer and want to give your programs a great Macintosh-like look, or if you are a Macintosh addict forced to use Windows, these fonts may help you.

And now they are free!

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