Heavy-duty offline RSS news feed reader

Novobot System Requirements

  • A Pentium III class or better PC (AMD x86 or 64-bit processors will do just fine); multi-core CPUs should work too
  • 10+ MB of free disk space (more for the cache, history and content)
  • Internet connection
  • Windows 98SE/ME, NT 4 SP 6, 2000/XP/Vista or newer operating system (no Windows 95 support, sorry)
  • Internet Explorer 6 or newer (5.5 is the minimum)
  • Loads of free time to read all the news

Novobot Technical Specifications


  • Supported formats are RSS, RDF, Atom, and NOV
  • Web page scraping using NOV channels
  • Support for feed:// and rss:// protocols

Content retrieval

  • Supported formats are RSS, RDF, Atom, and NOV
  • Web page scraping using NOV channels
  • Support for conditional HTTP GET to conserve server bandwidth
  • Feed refresh interval honoured, with possibility to override
  • Feeds can be refreshed individually, by folders (tags) or as the entire library
  • Content saved in the database for off-line reading
  • Tray icon notifies of unread headlines and the retrieval status
  • Multithreaded feed downloading


  • Headlines can be marked as read to prevent them from re-appearing in the channel
  • Persistent "read" and "visited" status of headlines
  • Headlines can be locked to protect them from being removed when clearing channels
  • New headlines received during the last update are highlighted
  • Reading position is persistent for each folder (tag) so you can continue where you left off
  • Persistent main window position and size
  • Context-sensitive online help

Folders (tags)

  • Unlimited nested user-defined folders
  • A folder can hold any number of feeds
  • A feed can belong to any number of folders
  • Drag-and-drop and copy/paste feed categorisation by folders (tags)
  • OPML subscription lists imported as folders
  • Folders display unread item counts for contained channels


  • One-time refresh at a specified time
  • Regular refresh at a specified time
  • Continuous refresh of entire folders


  • Three-pane wide vertical interface
  • HTML feed content pane with individual item controls for easy feed reading
  • Newspaper-like view for the entire feed contents—all headlines visible at a glance
  • Feed logos are displayed if available
  • Full Unicode support


  • Scrolling headlines for keeping you up to date
  • Ticker stays on top of other windows
  • Ticker window sticks to screen boundaries
  • Visited headlines are shown in a different colour

Feed addition

  • Feed format auto-detection
  • Import of URLs from the Clipboard
  • Import of NOV files and folder trees
  • Import of OPML feed subscription lists for easy migration
  • Support for feed:// and rss:// protocols


  • SQL database used for data storage for speed and reliability
  • Data is saved automatically after every change
  • Library and data files stored in "My Documents" folder ("Documents" on Vista) for multiple user support and easy backup
  • Automatic import and conversion of old data to the new database format
  • HTTP and SOCKS5 proxy support for corporate users

Installer and Updater

  • Robust installation and uninstallation provided by Installer/GD
  • Free on-demand online updates powered by Updater/GD
  • As an alternative, ZIP archive is available in case installer cannot be used—just unpack and run